The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

Reap all the benefits of hiring a moving truck if you are on a DIY moving spree. Renting with Truck Hire Qld allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Does it sound impossible? Well, actually it is possible, take advantage of our FREE delivery and FREE collection of the truck hire when you are finished.Our happy and very satisfied customers enjoy not only our FREE delivery and FREE pick up but excellent service and great prices. We make truck hire simple, easy and very convenient.

Safely Transport your Items in One Solo Trip

One may not know why hiring a truck is recommended and by not doing so it becomes arduous to make several trips to your new home just to ensure the safe arrival of all your items. The solution torenting with Truck Hire Qld.Hiring with us will allow transportation of all your items in just one exclusive attempt. The approach of truck hiring rental services is in a practicable form as it cuts the need to travel back and forth to get all the remaining items on an interstate move.

Take Advantage of Roomy Trucks

We carry 3 tonne pantech trucks. Our trucks are the biggest trucks you can drive on a car licence. The inside of the pan is approximately 20 cubic metres. Big enough to carry a small 3 bedroom townhouse. The dimensions inside the pan are 4.2 metres long by 2.1 metres wide by 2.1 metres high.
Inexpensive Moving with Truck HireQld
Moving truck hire services with Truck Hire Qld are not only reasonably priced but also bring into service all the benefits of a moving truck rental. Full service removals cost a lot and burn a hole in the pocket as you have to pay for the labour of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all the items. One of the reasons for resorting to moving truck hire is that you can take care of a lot of work yourself and will not have to rely and fret about it.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine – Get There Effortlessly

Hiring a moving truck to pick up all your belongings and get going to your destination at lightning speed. Truck HireQld rental service is a pronounced way to derive the space that you need without having to pay a hefty price. The entire procedure of transportation and delivery of the items to the new address with Truck Hire Qld becomes less agonizing.

Give us a call today to get the BEST rates in truck hire! We offer local, long distance and interstate truck hire to major cities around Australia. We are based in the Gold Coast. We also service Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Mackay and more. Take advantage of our unlimited kilometre rate for your long distance moves. Our reliable, easy to drive automatic trucks will get you to your destination. Every truck comes with a hydraulic tail gate loader making it super easy packing your truck. Each truck rental includes a moving trolley, couple of blankets and rope. Join our many thousands of happy customers that have rented with us at Truck Hire Qld.


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