Moving tips on a budget

Moving tips on a budget

Given that moving is such an exhilarating experience of commencing a new episode, it also does have its expenses and outlays which is definitely very stressful both financially and technically. The financial encumbrance can be palliated with a few tips.

1. Estimate your moving budget
Assessing and evaluating the money to work with is very important and this has to be done before getting into the moving process. You should know where you stand which requires keeping aside optimum money for the move. Hence you need to calculate your savings for the move and moving supplies.

2.DIY move
Prices are soaring high and if you want a move minus an exorbitant price, consider moving yourself. This is a much cheaper option compared to hiring removalist. The loading and unloading process can be procured by your friends or family members which will cut short the expenditure.

3. Go for easy wins- BOXES
Durable, resilient and robust boxes are the need of the hour when it comes to fuss free moves. The quality of the boxes is one thing to be sure of as you cannot afford to let your items break. Handling your stuffs should be your major concern and to ensure that you have to be also aware of the composition of the boxes.

4. Toss out redundant stuffs
We all believe in the fact many items have great emotional value attached to them but our homes are often stuffed with superfluous and inessential things which can be either donated or discarded before embarking on the move. This will also ensure lesser boxes diminishing the load on the rental truck or van.

5. Bring into play your own supplies
Now arrives the prime time to pack which involves the moving supplies. There is a great way to cut short the expense of moving supplies by simply using the items that we get around our homes. Sheets, blankets, T-shirts, etc. can be utilized for padding as a substitute for packing paper, peanuts or bubble wrap. After having done this job you will also have to cover and wrap the items in several layers lest the frangible stuffs get broken or torn.

6. Lug your stuff
If you consider a DIY and a smaller truck or van, we assure you that your wallet will not be sent into a spin as shipping items might be cheaper than actually moving it. For a smooth running and well organized move ship your books, voluminous clothes and heavy kitchen and bathroom items.

7. Commit to paper the total expenses
Retain every receipt and record of the disbursement. Each and every cost related to the move should be followed.

The entire moving process is likely to burn a hole in your pocket but we have tried to jot some of the budget friendly measures to keep you going and tweak your savings.

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