Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Truck Hire QLD is one of the leading truck hire services based in the Gold Coast and we are here to reassure that truck driving is not any onerous task. Proper arrangements and apt preventive measures will make any rental truck drive plain sailing. Here’s what is worth worrying about but by following the certain tips catalogued below, truck driving even for the first time will become duck soup.

  1. Driving a truck that too for neophytes is an unnerving experience. You will be needing some time to get used to it and make yourself comfortable. The moment you feel confident about handling the vehicle on road, is when you are all set to go. Before driving it around for a few blocks, get acquainted with the truck before the move.
  2. Fasten and secure every item so that all the articles remain protected lest they fall or break inside. This should be checked before leaving. Our trucks are fitted with a hydraulic taligate loader which can handle up to 500kg payload which helps lift your heavy items safe and guarded.
  3. Do check the side mirrors time and again and especially when turning or changing lanes.
  4. Make sure the brakes of your truck function properly. Use them frequently but with ease.
  5. The height of your truck is what you need to be aware of as and also be cautious of the height limits on your route when it comes to bridges, overpasses and any high rise stuctures as trucks are way taller. The height of our trucks is 3.5 metres.
  6. Prevention is better than cure and so trucks must be driven slowly no matter how big or small the truck is. What matters is the pace of the moving truck and it is always recommended to drive below maximum speed limits.
  7. The important documents such as driver’s license should be with you while driving the trucks.Our trucks require no special truck license just a full open car license.
  8. It is better not to solely rely on your side mirrors. Therefore, it is desirable to have someone guiding outside while backing up the truck. Reversing or going through tight places should not be done in haste.
  9. Not only the height but also the width of trucks is poles apart as compared to the standard cars. Hence, the truck will be needing more turning area in making tight turns and going around corners.
  10. Please remember to fill up your truck with diesel fuel at the end of your rental. For the long distance trips please ensure enough fuel is in the tank to make it to the next service station.


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