Hire a Removal Truck and Save Money

Hire a Removal Truck and Save Money

Booking in advance is always a wise option. If you know that you have sold your house and you have one month to move, ring Truck Hire Qld now. Not only will you have more chance of getting the truck you need, but it is one less thing to think about as moving time approaches. You don’t want to wait until the day of your shift to book the removal truck, as chances are that you may not be able to find one.

The size of the truck you require will depend on how much you need to move. For example, our 20 cubic metre truck would most likely move a small 3 bedroom townhome of furniture. If our 20 cubic metre truck is not large enough, you could always do a couple trips. The trucks we carry are the biggest trucks you can drive with a car license.

If you are moving long distance, why not ask if you can hire ‘one way’. This means that once you reach your destination you can return the truck to the depot in your new area, rather than have to drive all the way back to where you got it from. We offer one way truck hire from Gold Coast / Brisbane to major cities in Australia including, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Mackay, Canberra, Gladstone, Townsville, Cairns and more. We offer the best unlimited kilometre rate to these locations.

In most cases as you will find that doing it yourself is a lot cheaper compared to hiring removerlist. By doing it yourself, you know your goods will arrive safely and securely. You won’t have the headache of missing lost or stolen items.

All our trucks come with a hydraulic lift gate loader on the back of the truck making loading and off loading easier. Our trucks are also loaded with a good trolley, couple of moving blankets and rope to secure your items. Our automatic transmission trucks make driving a breeze.

You can request a truck hire quote anytime at www.truckhireqld.com.au or during business hours phone 04 06 175 176. By booking in advance, you will ensure the truck is available and can tick one more thing off your list.

Truck Hire Qld – Free Delivery right to your door! When your finished with the truck, we collect it! Simple, quick and easy!



Moving tips on a budget

Moving tips on a budget

Given that moving is such an exhilarating experience of commencing a new episode, it also does have its expenses and outlays which is definitely very stressful both financially and technically. The financial encumbrance can be palliated with a few tips.

1. Estimate your moving budget
Assessing and evaluating the money to work with is very important and this has to be done before getting into the moving process. You should know where you stand which requires keeping aside optimum money for the move. Hence you need to calculate your savings for the move and moving supplies.

2.DIY move
Prices are soaring high and if you want a move minus an exorbitant price, consider moving yourself. This is a much cheaper option compared to hiring removalist. The loading and unloading process can be procured by your friends or family members which will cut short the expenditure.

3. Go for easy wins- BOXES
Durable, resilient and robust boxes are the need of the hour when it comes to fuss free moves. The quality of the boxes is one thing to be sure of as you cannot afford to let your items break. Handling your stuffs should be your major concern and to ensure that you have to be also aware of the composition of the boxes.

4. Toss out redundant stuffs
We all believe in the fact many items have great emotional value attached to them but our homes are often stuffed with superfluous and inessential things which can be either donated or discarded before embarking on the move. This will also ensure lesser boxes diminishing the load on the rental truck or van.

5. Bring into play your own supplies
Now arrives the prime time to pack which involves the moving supplies. There is a great way to cut short the expense of moving supplies by simply using the items that we get around our homes. Sheets, blankets, T-shirts, etc. can be utilized for padding as a substitute for packing paper, peanuts or bubble wrap. After having done this job you will also have to cover and wrap the items in several layers lest the frangible stuffs get broken or torn.

6. Lug your stuff
If you consider a DIY and a smaller truck or van, we assure you that your wallet will not be sent into a spin as shipping items might be cheaper than actually moving it. For a smooth running and well organized move ship your books, voluminous clothes and heavy kitchen and bathroom items.

7. Commit to paper the total expenses
Retain every receipt and record of the disbursement. Each and every cost related to the move should be followed.

The entire moving process is likely to burn a hole in your pocket but we have tried to jot some of the budget friendly measures to keep you going and tweak your savings.

When your planning your next move be sure to call Truck Hire Qld for the best prices on a truck hire. We not only save you money on a truck rental but also save you time. Our trucks are delivered to your door and when your finished with the truck, we come and collect the truck from you. This saves you time coming to us and making it very convenient for many customers. We have the best deals for local Gold Coast moves and also provide one way truck hire to many major cities in Australia.

Call us today for a free quote on your next truck hire! Gold Coast best Truck Hire company offering Free Delivery and when your finished with the truck, we collect it from you! Truck Hire made simple, easy and convenient.



Truck Hire QLD Makes Renting a Truck Easy

Truck Hire QLD Makes Renting a Truck Easy

Every truck rental comes with FREE delivery and FREE pick up to your  specified locations. This save precious time as well as saving you money not needing to drive to our office. The truck is delivered to your door. This makes us stand out in the crowd. Our excellent customer service makes truck hire an enjoyable experience.

Al the trucks that we have are late model with automatic transmission.Just an open car license is needed for driving, no special truck license is required. The servicing of our trucks is also done on regular intervals so that we can keep up to their high standards and remain true to our words.

The dimensions of the storage on the back of the truck are as follows- 4.2 meters in length, 2.1 meters in width and the height is 2.1 meters. The inside size of the truck is 19 cubic meters. We make a special effort in providing you with a commendatory use of a 2 wheel trolley, rope and blankets with every rental.

Diesel is the fuel used and the trucks have a one hundred literfuel tank. The truck fuel consumption is 17 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Unfortunately drivers below the age of twenty five years are not allowed to driver the truck.

A pre-authoirization security bond of $300 is essential to your credit card and for certain security purposes the credit card holder must acquire a credit card in their own name.

All our trucks have 24 hour road assistance and are covered by comprehensive insurance cover.

We have the best truck rental costs for local moves, long term rentals and one way long distance moves. Give us a call today or submit a quote for the best and detailed prices.

Happy renting!

Tips for Packing a Moving Truck Like a Pro

Tips for Packing a Moving Truck Like a Pro

Curious how to pack a moving truck? If you’re planning a DIY move, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of loading a truck rental. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your space, distribute the weight evenly and prevent damage to your belongings. Here are our tips how to pack a moving truck like a pro.

Gather all supplies
Before you begin loading a moving truck, be sure to gather all necessary supplies for the move. Besides sturdy boxes, plastic wrap and packing tape, you may also need a dolly to help load heavy items, as well as furniture pads or blankets to add extra protection while the truck is in transport.

When loading a moving truck, you want to make sure every item has been packed properly with plenty of protection. This means using furniture pads or moving blankets to fill in the gaps between boxes and furniture items. Not only will this prevent things from shifting while on the road, but it will also prevent items from scraping up against each other. In addition to furniture pads, you’ll need a mattress bag to cover your mattress and moving straps for holding items in place. The bottle shop is a great place to get plenty of boxes. This will make transporting your goods easier and quicker.

Disassemble furniture
Next, disassemble your furniture before you begin loading it onto a moving truck. This will help maximize your space and distribute the weight of heavy furniture more evenly. For instance, by taking the legs off of a dining table, you’ll be able to store the table upright on the truck without having the legs stick out. This will leave more room for your belongings, and you’ll be able to place the table legs in a different part of the truck to help even out the weight.

Load largest and heaviest items first
Ready to begin packing a moving truck? Start with the largest and heaviest items first. This includes mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washer/dryers, couches, sectionals and coffee tables. Given the weight and size of these items, they should be on the bottom of your moving truck and not placed on top of other boxes and belongings. When putting couches, headboards and tables onto a moving truck, be sure that they are placed in an upright position. I also recommend placing them closer to the front of the truck (near the cab).

Load lightest items last
Your second round of items should include medium to lightweight boxes and appliances. When loading these onto the moving truck, be sure to place them on top of furniture and appliances, and not underneath, where they could be crushed. If stacking moving boxes, I recommend using moving straps to hold these in place as well. When packing fragile items on a moving truck, such as a mirror or a box full of collectibles, jewelry and trinkets, be sure to pack them at the very top of the pile. I also recommend bringing fragile items and important documents with you separately. This way, you won’t lose or ruin them during the trip.

Other quick packing tips

  • Leave moving day essentials in an easy-to-reach spot on the truck.
  • In addition to using mattress bags to protect your mattress, use moving blankets or plastic wrap to protect upholstered couches and chairs.
  • Pack kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers, microwaves and blenders, inside of a box before putting them on the truck.
  • Recruit friends to help with the loading and unloading process – especially if moving heavy furniture.
  • All rugs should be rolled up and secured in plastic wrap to save room on the truck.

Ready to rent a truck?
There are plenty of moving truck rental companies to choose from when planning your next relocation. But what sets us apart is that we deliver the truck right to your door. When your finished moving, we come collect the truck from you! Saving youtime and money. No need to come to us, we come to you. When your finally finished moving and spent all day lifting, you would be glad that we come collect the truck from you.

We have plenty of one way truck hire locations nationwide, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Canberra, Newcastle, Gladstone and many more   For more information on the best one-way truck rentals for your next DIY move, give Truck Hire Qld a call. We have the best rates for local, long distance and one-way truck hire.

Reasons why you should rent a moving truck for your move.

Reasons why you should rent a moving truck for your move.

Moving homes or offices is never a relaxed task. People choose to do moves themselves because it is far cheaper compared to hiring a furniture removal company. But the question is there a method to move where you can still do things yourself, save money but make the move simpler? Yes there is a best choice and that is – Moving truck rental from Truck Hire QLD.


Here are 5 reasons why you should rent a moving truck with Truck Hire Qld for your move.

Every Truck Has A Lift Gate
When hiring a truck from Truck Hire QLD all trucks are equipped with a hydraulic liftgate. Making the heavy lifting, loading and off-loading a breeze! This will speed up your move and make your task a lot easier.

Even thou you have hired a truck to move your things; you still have full control over the move. This will help you to know that everything is being done and that it is being done correctly.

Saving Time
Some complete a move by using a small trailer. The disadvantage in moving this way is that the move will take long hours to complete not to mention the multiple times that you would have to drive up and down moving items from your old location to your new address. By hiring a truck, your move is generally done in one load saving you time and money! Plus take advantage of our FREE delivery of your truck hire to your door. When your finished moving, we will come collect the truck from you. Making truck hire very easy and saving lots of time getting the truck delivered and collected from your home or office!

Interstate Moves with Ease
Moving interstate is always a costly service to make use of. Truck Hire QLD will cut these costs. Interstates moves is our speciality. We can offer one way truck hire from Gold Coast or Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Mackay, Canberra, Townsville, Cairns and Adelaide and more. We have the best deals for long distance interstate truck hire. One way or round trip truck hire options available at best prices.

Cost Saving
We offer the best rates for local and long distance interstate truck hire. Take advantage of our unlimited kilometre rate. No surprises having to pay for extra kilometres with our unlimited kilometre rate. We can offer a flat rate.

While other companies charge for extras, all our trucks come with a trolley, moving blankets and rope. No extra charge.

When planning your next move or relocation, be sure to give Truck Hire QLD a call. Let us show you how to make your move easy while saving you money!

Remember to book well in advanced, with our truck hire service being very popular we occasional get fully booked.

Give us a call today for your free quote or fill out a quote request online.

Happy renting!

One Way Truck Rental Makes Relocation Easy

One Way Truck Rental Makes Relocation Easy

Relocating to a new area or place involves deporting all kinds of business and household belongings to a completely new address. The relocation task requires hiring the services of experienced and professional movers and packers. Although most of the packing items can be done by self, one may have to consider for hiring a moving motor vehicle. In most of the cases, people may have to bring back the vehicle to the Truck hire firm from where they have hired it. This may actually be an inconvenience and add up to lots of additional time to many people. The One way truck rental is one of the easy solutions for the purpose of relocation.

As the name suggests, in this kind of truck moving services individuals are not required to deposit the rented truck at the exact place from where they have hired it. When renting a truck for long distance relocation, one should know we have many one way truck hire return locations throughout eastern Australia.

Deporting the belongings over a distant place may not be as difficult as it seems. One way truck rental may be the most suitable alternative as it allows maximum space for relocating huge amount of cargo, with the advantage to pay the transportation cost for just a single trip and the convenience to return back the hired vehicle at our many nearby locations.

This type of one way truck rental is most suitable choice for those moving things over a long destination to new state or a region. With our truck hire services our customers can return the hired motor vehicles at any of the nearby locations to their new destination.

When someone decides for one way truck rental with Truck Hire Qld, our customers ensure that they are getting the best and most trustworthy services. We make one way truck rental very easy and simple. We offer good quality reliable trucks that make travelling long distances comfortable and enjoyable.

We go the extra mile by providing you with a trolley, moving blankets and rope. Our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift gate on the back of every one of our trucks.  This lift gate allows getting large, heavy and awkward items into and off the truck super easy.

All our truck has automatic transmission making it even easier to drive.  Customers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane area can take advantage of our FREE delivery to your door. When your finished with the truck we will come and collect the truck making truck hire easier than ever.

Next time your thinking of moving long distance, contact us at Truck Hire Qld for the best one way truck rental.

Thank you to the thousands of customers for your ongoing support making Truck Hire Qld their preferred truck hire company!

Best Way to Pack and Load a Moving Truck

Best Way to Pack and Load a Moving Truck

You’ve hired your moving truck, and now you have to know how to pack and load the moving truck to ensure every one of your things land at your new home. In case you’re similar to my significant other, at that point you’ll need to arrange for how the truck ought to be stacked. I need to concede, I’m not the most patient mover. I tend to need to simply complete it; ideally, my significant other will never read this since I’m going to concede that early arrangement on the most proficient method to stack the truck is a smart thought.

Move the biggest and heaviest things first.

This incorporates apparatuses, for example, the fridge, clothes washer, dishwasher and whatever other things that take more than two individuals to move. These things ought to be stacked on the truck before whatever else and kept against the far divider nearest to the taxi. Keep the things in their upright positions.

Utilize furniture cushioning to ensure wood surfaces and corners.

Cushioning can save from damaging corners and edges. Utilizing cushioned security likewise makes it simpler to slide heavier pieces onto the truck.

Pack longer things.

Longer pieces ought to be stacked next, for example, box springs, sleeping pads, long mirrors, headboards, couches, and table-best on to the truck. Place these things against the longest dividers of the truck which will keep them upright and will spare space. Ensure you utilize sleeping cushion spreads to save your quaint little inn from tears and tears and make moving a ton less demanding.

Disguise bed edges, tables and work areas and tape sort out.

Do likewise for longer things, for example, posts, light bases, and light parts. When you move up your floor coverings, put these things inside then tape your cover shut, both around the cover itself and in addition the two finishes. You can likewise utilize cloths to stuff the two finishes of the cover move before taping the closures shut. This will keep things from dropping out amid the move. Place the cover on the floor of the truck.

Next, begin stacking the biggest and heaviest boxes.

Place the crates over the machines and furniture and ensure you fill any cavities underneath tables, under work areas, and on seat seats. Ensure the substantial boxes don’t contain any delicate things.

Exchange lighter boxes to the truck and stack them on the heavier boxes.

Furthermore, ensure the lightest boxes are to finish everything. Attempt to stack confines lines until the point when they achieve the highest point of the truck. Any space between the highest point of the crates and the truck’s roof ought to be loaded with delicate, crushable things, for example, refuse sacks brimming with garments, bedding, and clothes.

Place delicate things or unbalanced formed things at last.

Ensure they don’t move around amid transport. The best spot for delicate confined things is cubbyholes, for example, underneath tables, work areas and underneath seat legs.

Stuff the gaps.

The last things to be stacked ought to be those things that can be full into gaps and that don’t contain anything delicate, for example, packs brimming with garments, clothes, covers, and towels. Things, for example, holders, carport things, boots and shoes and anything that won’t break amid a move, can be utilized to fill exhaust spaces.

Along these lines, in the wake of perusing this, you will take a seat and plan your turn, including how to stack the moving truck. You’ll have a point by point manual for where things are on the truck which will enable when you to empty everything.

Happy moving!


Give Truck Hire Qld a call when you are ready to book a truck for your next move. We offer the best prices on local, long distance and one way truck hire interstate. Don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE delivery right to your door. When your finished moving, we will come collect the truck saving you time and making truck hire more convenient. Remember to book early to ensure we have a truck available to your preferred moving date.

Happy renting from Truck Hire Qld!



The moving day has finally come on the scene and you must have planned and organized everything for the D-day- from the perfect truck hire company to donating all the redundant stuff and have geared up for shifting to your new home or unit. This is a dream come true, isn’t it? There are still a few hacks you may need to know before bidding farewell to your old abode and start afresh. Do not fret about these simple things, we have put together a moving day checklist for a successful moving day. Just read a few more tips and have a great going ahead.

1. Get out of bed early

It doesn’t really matter what time your move is scheduled at, what matters is that you have to wake up early in the morning. We have all heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this holds true in this case. There is always something to do at the eleventh hour and waking up early ensures that we get that optimum time before the moving truck arrives.

2. Pack all the last-minute items

Make sure that you have packed all the bathroom and kitchen essentials after your shower and meal and thrown away the perishables.

3. Sweep your home one last time

Now this one is very important as you should not let go any of your things unchecked and unnoticed. Check every room, examine the closets, cabinets, storage spaces and also the attic, basement, driveway or the guest house in case you have a big house. The final sweep makes sure that no complications show up. Lock the door once you have stowed your entire luggage.

4. Unpack only the crucial items

Open and remove the contents of the bag which contains the vital things. Do not unpack all the boxes at a time as this will create a mess. Figure out the necessary things you will need for the present day and the following day like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, kitchen items and the outfits for the next day.

5. Sit and relax

Get refreshed after such a tiring day and unpack the other things in peace and not in haste.
It’s better to put the curtains up as it will not let the morning light in and not cause any hindrance in your deserved sleep.

Truck Hire Qld is the perfect truck rental company offering you more. Take advantage of our FREE delivery and when your finished FREE pick up of your truck hire when finished. This saves you time and money. No need to visit our office, we come to you with the truck! All our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift gate on the back of the truck. Making loading and offloading much easier. Our trucks are loaded with your moving needs, trolley, moving blankets and rope. All our trucks are automatic transmission and very reliable. We have the best rates for one way truck one-way major cities in eastern Australia. Whether it’s a short local move or one way long distance move, Truck Hire Qld is here for you! Give us a call today for the best price truck hire!

The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

Reap all the benefits of hiring a moving truck if you are on a DIY moving spree. Renting with Truck Hire Qld allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Does it sound impossible? Well, actually it is possible, take advantage of our FREE delivery and FREE collection of the truck hire when you are finished.Our happy and very satisfied customers enjoy not only our FREE delivery and FREE pick up but excellent service and great prices. We make truck hire simple, easy and very convenient.

Safely Transport your Items in One Solo Trip

One may not know why hiring a truck is recommended and by not doing so it becomes arduous to make several trips to your new home just to ensure the safe arrival of all your items. The solution torenting with Truck Hire Qld.Hiring with us will allow transportation of all your items in just one exclusive attempt. The approach of truck hiring rental services is in a practicable form as it cuts the need to travel back and forth to get all the remaining items on an interstate move.

Take Advantage of Roomy Trucks

We carry 3 tonne pantech trucks. Our trucks are the biggest trucks you can drive on a car licence. The inside of the pan is approximately 20 cubic metres. Big enough to carry a small 3 bedroom townhouse. The dimensions inside the pan are 4.2 metres long by 2.1 metres wide by 2.1 metres high.
Inexpensive Moving with Truck HireQld
Moving truck hire services with Truck Hire Qld are not only reasonably priced but also bring into service all the benefits of a moving truck rental. Full service removals cost a lot and burn a hole in the pocket as you have to pay for the labour of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all the items. One of the reasons for resorting to moving truck hire is that you can take care of a lot of work yourself and will not have to rely and fret about it.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine – Get There Effortlessly

Hiring a moving truck to pick up all your belongings and get going to your destination at lightning speed. Truck HireQld rental service is a pronounced way to derive the space that you need without having to pay a hefty price. The entire procedure of transportation and delivery of the items to the new address with Truck Hire Qld becomes less agonizing.

Give us a call today to get the BEST rates in truck hire! We offer local, long distance and interstate truck hire to major cities around Australia. We are based in the Gold Coast. We also service Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Mackay and more. Take advantage of our unlimited kilometre rate for your long distance moves. Our reliable, easy to drive automatic trucks will get you to your destination. Every truck comes with a hydraulic tail gate loader making it super easy packing your truck. Each truck rental includes a moving trolley, couple of blankets and rope. Join our many thousands of happy customers that have rented with us at Truck Hire Qld.

Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Truck Hire QLD is one of the leading truck hire services based in the Gold Coast and we are here to reassure that truck driving is not any onerous task. Proper arrangements and apt preventive measures will make any rental truck drive plain sailing. Here’s what is worth worrying about but by following the certain tips catalogued below, truck driving even for the first time will become duck soup.

  1. Driving a truck that too for neophytes is an unnerving experience. You will be needing some time to get used to it and make yourself comfortable. The moment you feel confident about handling the vehicle on road, is when you are all set to go. Before driving it around for a few blocks, get acquainted with the truck before the move.
  2. Fasten and secure every item so that all the articles remain protected lest they fall or break inside. This should be checked before leaving. Our trucks are fitted with a hydraulic taligate loader which can handle up to 500kg payload which helps lift your heavy items safe and guarded.
  3. Do check the side mirrors time and again and especially when turning or changing lanes.
  4. Make sure the brakes of your truck function properly. Use them frequently but with ease.
  5. The height of your truck is what you need to be aware of as and also be cautious of the height limits on your route when it comes to bridges, overpasses and any high rise stuctures as trucks are way taller. The height of our trucks is 3.5 metres.
  6. Prevention is better than cure and so trucks must be driven slowly no matter how big or small the truck is. What matters is the pace of the moving truck and it is always recommended to drive below maximum speed limits.
  7. The important documents such as driver’s license should be with you while driving the trucks.Our trucks require no special truck license just a full open car license.
  8. It is better not to solely rely on your side mirrors. Therefore, it is desirable to have someone guiding outside while backing up the truck. Reversing or going through tight places should not be done in haste.
  9. Not only the height but also the width of trucks is poles apart as compared to the standard cars. Hence, the truck will be needing more turning area in making tight turns and going around corners.
  10. Please remember to fill up your truck with diesel fuel at the end of your rental. For the long distance trips please ensure enough fuel is in the tank to make it to the next service station.


Contact us soon to get the best and reasonably priced truck hire. We have the best prices for Local and One Way Truck Hire. We are based in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area and offer one way truck hire to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Canberra, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and more. Our reliable trucks and excellent customer service will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when you rent with us at Truck Hire Qld. Call us today or submit a quote request online.