The moving day has finally come on the scene and you must have planned and organized everything for the D-day- from the perfect truck hire company to donating all the redundant stuff and have geared up for shifting to your new home or unit. This is a dream come true, isn’t it? There are still a few hacks you may need to know before bidding farewell to your old abode and start afresh. Do not fret about these simple things, we have put together a moving day checklist for a successful moving day. Just read a few more tips and have a great going ahead.

1. Get out of bed early

It doesn’t really matter what time your move is scheduled at, what matters is that you have to wake up early in the morning. We have all heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this holds true in this case. There is always something to do at the eleventh hour and waking up early ensures that we get that optimum time before the moving truck arrives.

2. Pack all the last-minute items

Make sure that you have packed all the bathroom and kitchen essentials after your shower and meal and thrown away the perishables.

3. Sweep your home one last time

Now this one is very important as you should not let go any of your things unchecked and unnoticed. Check every room, examine the closets, cabinets, storage spaces and also the attic, basement, driveway or the guest house in case you have a big house. The final sweep makes sure that no complications show up. Lock the door once you have stowed your entire luggage.

4. Unpack only the crucial items

Open and remove the contents of the bag which contains the vital things. Do not unpack all the boxes at a time as this will create a mess. Figure out the necessary things you will need for the present day and the following day like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, kitchen items and the outfits for the next day.

5. Sit and relax

Get refreshed after such a tiring day and unpack the other things in peace and not in haste.
It’s better to put the curtains up as it will not let the morning light in and not cause any hindrance in your deserved sleep.

Truck Hire Qld is the perfect truck rental company offering you more. Take advantage of our FREE delivery and when your finished FREE pick up of your truck hire when finished. This saves you time and money. No need to visit our office, we come to you with the truck! All our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift gate on the back of the truck. Making loading and offloading much easier. Our trucks are loaded with your moving needs, trolley, moving blankets and rope. All our trucks are automatic transmission and very reliable. We have the best rates for one way truck one-way major cities in eastern Australia. Whether it’s a short local move or one way long distance move, Truck Hire Qld is here for you! Give us a call today for the best price truck hire!

The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

The Perks of Hiring a Moving Truck with Truck Hire Qld

Reap all the benefits of hiring a moving truck if you are on a DIY moving spree. Renting with Truck Hire Qld allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Does it sound impossible? Well, actually it is possible, take advantage of our FREE delivery and FREE collection of the truck hire when you are finished.Our happy and very satisfied customers enjoy not only our FREE delivery and FREE pick up but excellent service and great prices. We make truck hire simple, easy and very convenient.

Safely Transport your Items in One Solo Trip

One may not know why hiring a truck is recommended and by not doing so it becomes arduous to make several trips to your new home just to ensure the safe arrival of all your items. The solution torenting with Truck Hire Qld.Hiring with us will allow transportation of all your items in just one exclusive attempt. The approach of truck hiring rental services is in a practicable form as it cuts the need to travel back and forth to get all the remaining items on an interstate move.

Take Advantage of Roomy Trucks

We carry 3 tonne pantech trucks. Our trucks are the biggest trucks you can drive on a car licence. The inside of the pan is approximately 20 cubic metres. Big enough to carry a small 3 bedroom townhouse. The dimensions inside the pan are 4.2 metres long by 2.1 metres wide by 2.1 metres high.
Inexpensive Moving with Truck HireQld
Moving truck hire services with Truck Hire Qld are not only reasonably priced but also bring into service all the benefits of a moving truck rental. Full service removals cost a lot and burn a hole in the pocket as you have to pay for the labour of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all the items. One of the reasons for resorting to moving truck hire is that you can take care of a lot of work yourself and will not have to rely and fret about it.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine – Get There Effortlessly

Hiring a moving truck to pick up all your belongings and get going to your destination at lightning speed. Truck HireQld rental service is a pronounced way to derive the space that you need without having to pay a hefty price. The entire procedure of transportation and delivery of the items to the new address with Truck Hire Qld becomes less agonizing.

Give us a call today to get the BEST rates in truck hire! We offer local, long distance and interstate truck hire to major cities around Australia. We are based in the Gold Coast. We also service Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Mackay and more. Take advantage of our unlimited kilometre rate for your long distance moves. Our reliable, easy to drive automatic trucks will get you to your destination. Every truck comes with a hydraulic tail gate loader making it super easy packing your truck. Each truck rental includes a moving trolley, couple of blankets and rope. Join our many thousands of happy customers that have rented with us at Truck Hire Qld.

Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Golden tips to remember on driving a rental truck

Truck Hire QLD is one of the leading truck hire services based in the Gold Coast and we are here to reassure that truck driving is not any onerous task. Proper arrangements and apt preventive measures will make any rental truck drive plain sailing. Here’s what is worth worrying about but by following the certain tips catalogued below, truck driving even for the first time will become duck soup.

  1. Driving a truck that too for neophytes is an unnerving experience. You will be needing some time to get used to it and make yourself comfortable. The moment you feel confident about handling the vehicle on road, is when you are all set to go. Before driving it around for a few blocks, get acquainted with the truck before the move.
  2. Fasten and secure every item so that all the articles remain protected lest they fall or break inside. This should be checked before leaving. Our trucks are fitted with a hydraulic taligate loader which can handle up to 500kg payload which helps lift your heavy items safe and guarded.
  3. Do check the side mirrors time and again and especially when turning or changing lanes.
  4. Make sure the brakes of your truck function properly. Use them frequently but with ease.
  5. The height of your truck is what you need to be aware of as and also be cautious of the height limits on your route when it comes to bridges, overpasses and any high rise stuctures as trucks are way taller. The height of our trucks is 3.5 metres.
  6. Prevention is better than cure and so trucks must be driven slowly no matter how big or small the truck is. What matters is the pace of the moving truck and it is always recommended to drive below maximum speed limits.
  7. The important documents such as driver’s license should be with you while driving the trucks.Our trucks require no special truck license just a full open car license.
  8. It is better not to solely rely on your side mirrors. Therefore, it is desirable to have someone guiding outside while backing up the truck. Reversing or going through tight places should not be done in haste.
  9. Not only the height but also the width of trucks is poles apart as compared to the standard cars. Hence, the truck will be needing more turning area in making tight turns and going around corners.
  10. Please remember to fill up your truck with diesel fuel at the end of your rental. For the long distance trips please ensure enough fuel is in the tank to make it to the next service station.


Contact us soon to get the best and reasonably priced truck hire. We have the best prices for Local and One Way Truck Hire. We are based in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area and offer one way truck hire to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Canberra, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and more. Our reliable trucks and excellent customer service will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when you rent with us at Truck Hire Qld. Call us today or submit a quote request online.

Packing a moving truck – Truck Hire QLD

Packing a moving truck – Truck Hire QLD

Packing a moving truck is no less an operation that needs to be successful in order to ensure a happy and fun-filled trip. It is a tricky manoeuvre and requires space management without inflicting any damage to the furniture or other articles and belongings.
We not only undertake the job of providing trucks for hire but try to earn your trust with our well-maintained trucks which are serviced regularly. Our trucks are kept clean and spotless. As we offer automatic trucks with hydraulic taligate loader, therefore, the trucks need to be packed efficiently. This will help you protect your fragile items too. A trolley is the utmost important thing to move the heaviest furniture and boxes. Apart from this, padding, straps, packing tape, furniture pads or stretch wrap are the essential and indispensable tools which are the most basic ones to keep all your furniture free from breakage or any form of damage and all the things will stay together without getting tumbled. We provide moving blankets, trolleys and ropes as we are able to fathom the perils of our customers.
The golden rule to pack any moving truck is to load the heaviest items first on the bottom, such as the appliances first and then the furniture. Our truck engines are fuelled by diesel and also have power steering along with power windows and AC which give the assures of a smooth trip. The packing should be done in a vertical way – from the floor to the ceiling of the truck and every layer should be bound in a tight grip using straps but our trucks are structured in way as to absorb shocks and jerks, taking surplus care to your dear items. When it comes to the most delicate items like mirrors, paintings and glass artefacts they have to be placed in between mattresses or cushions and are best kept when are leaned against the longest wall of the truck. The boxes have to be placed in an order so that the weight gets evenly distributed and a layer stratagem must be followed. The tiered system of boxes will create an even surface if placed at equal heights. The methods of packing a moving truck if followed systematically, the venture will be one delightful experience. What are you waiting for? Now that packing has become as easy as pie with us, be it one way, local or interstate move, just give us a call or submit a quote request online. We are ready to help you with our finite number of trucks so drop a line to us soon.



Truck Hire Qld is emerging as one of the leading business and is establishing a foothold in the truck hire market. The hospitality of Gold Coast Truck Hire Qld services is sure to delight the customers. We are resolute in our promise of giving free delivery at your doorstep and we believe that your convenience requires our dogged determination which we are ready to provide inexorably. Every truck is equipped with automatic transmission and a hydraulic tailgate lifters that effortlessly makes the items get into the trucks and can handle up to a 500kg payload which makes those heavy items move easier. We are immensely happy to have been able to build that trust and reliance with our customers. Our trucks requires just a car license and no special truck license. Late model trucks are carried by us. One way truck hire, local as well as long term truck rental services are some of the facilities that need mention and all these at much affordable and reasonable prices. The most rewarding amenity is the free pick up post your movement or usage at zero extra tariffs.
Our focus is to save the valuable time and money of our customers and so we have come up with solutions to eradicate the problems that arise while shifting. We offer unlimited kilometre rate scheme for long distance and interstate truck hire moves. A trolley, moving blankets and ropes are some of the exigent demands of the customers and we proudly proffer these crucial items. We want to lay the foundation of a convivial relationship with our customers with equally genial services. Our diesel fuel engines are greatly economical and each one is fitted with air conditioning, power windows and power steering. The regular servicing of our well-maintained trucks escalates our reliability factor. We are stationed at the Gold Coast and serve the major cities in Australia.
The limited number of trucks that we have, need to be booked early in order to get preferred date for hire at the most affordable price. We are waiting for your call. Online quote requests may also be submitted and we will gladly cater for your needs. Our experience is the hallmark of your trust. With our all new price lists depending on the distance of move, you can buckle up and go globetrotting.

Give us a call today for the BEST prices for Truck Hire and One Way Truck Rental to most major cities.

Truck Hire QLD – Cheapest Way of Transporting Items

Truck Hire QLD – Cheapest Way of Transporting Items

If you are planning to move urgently and you need to transport your things quickly, Truck Hire QLD is your best solution. We have the best prices and offer the most by anybody in the region. Our 3 tonne pantech trucks are the biggest you can drive on a car license. We offer the best value for money including unlimited kilometers on one way truck hire.

Our trucks are the ideal size for moving typically a small 2-3 bedroom house. The automatic transmission make driving these trucks a breeze. We provide the essential moving supplies such as trolley, moving blankets and rope with every truck hire. Our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic tail gate lifter on the back of the truck making loading and off loading easier.

truckhire qld

Truck Hire QLD offers local, long distance and one way interstate truck rental to various locations in Australia. Our reliable trucks makes getting to your destination no hassle and trouble free. Our well maintained trucks ensure a safe and pleasant experience. We like to take the stress out of moving and provide excellent service. This is why our customers keep coming back and highly recommend us to others.

Truck Hire QLD takes pride in offering you the most competitive deals and excellent service when it comes to your truck rentals needs. Take advantage of FREE delivery to your door and FREE pick up when you’re finished with every truck hire.



We are gratified by providing truck rentals to our customers of Queensland. Our aim is to shine as the brightest star in the firmament of truck hire industry. We assure clean, conscientiously maintained and regularly serviced moving trucks. The rates offered for the one way truck hire service, one way truck rentals, interstate truck hire service, interstate truck rentals and interstate one way truck hire services are reasonably priced. The diesel engines are fuel efficient which in the long run is cost effective. Positioned in the Gold Coast we also extend our truck hire services to Brisbane and other major cities of Australia. We are highly pleased to serve the suburbs of Queensland. Burleigh Heads truck rental, Robina, Palm Beach and Varsity Lakes truck rentals are also few of the services proffered by our enterprise. We also provide one way truck hire services from Gold Coast, Brisbane to Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, Townsville, Canberra, Mackay and Newcastle. The price rates vary depending on the level of move-be it local, one way long distance, or interstate, but all at competitive and best prices. Just do away with the problem of driving to a truck rental office, finding a place to keep your car parked, then driving back home along with the truck and again having to repeat the same thing. We understand your perils and now we have found out the right solution for you. We are there at your doorstep to make your move less nerve-racking. The pickup facility provided by us ensures hassle free move lest customers take the burden of returning back the trucks after use. We would also like to mention our free delivery and complimentary pick up with an equally amiable service. We are aware of the fact that time is money and so we have come up with measures which our customers will find to be time saving and profitable.

Special truck licenses are not required for driving our late model trucks that we carry; a car license would suffice the purpose. We are bounded by finite number of trucks but we promise to give our best services. Our trucks are equipped with trolleys, moving blankets and ropes. The trucks are fully automatic and the loader is powered to handle 500 kg payload. Therefore, our trucks have the efficiency to move heavy items with ease even in a rugged and jagged topography. Our special prices will be presenting a wonderful experience. Options of submitting a quote request is available online or give us a call directly. Moving house is so easy now with Truck Hire Qld. Where else would you get the best service, reliable clean trucks at a great price?

12 Moving house tips – Truck Hire Qld

12 Moving house tips – Truck Hire Qld

The idea of moving house strikes fear into the hearts of most, sparking memories of lifting heavy furniture through narrow doorways. Hopefully these helpful tips will make a better experience.

1. If possible make a week day booking


Check about the possibility of cheaper days and times to move, as a weekend move can often be more costly than a weekday one.

2. Dispose of flammable liquids in advance

Empty any gas cylinders, air bottles and similar containers several days before moving.

Also dispose of all flammable liquids, such as thinners, paint and cleaning fluids, as it’s illegal to transport these items.

3. Put all the little parts in one box

Pack an ‘essentials’ carton, including things like remote controls, bed legs, shelf supports, furniture keys and manufacturer’s instructions for the reassembling of items.

This will save you rummaging through dozens of boxes on your first night in the new house.

4. Have a survival kit

Gather all the ‘must-have’ items such as the kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast supplies, special children’s toys, phone chargers, school needs, pet requirements (i.e the lead), bathroom necessities, medications, snacks, corkscrew, spare light globes, scissors, tools, toilet paper and garbage bags, and pack them into the one box or place them in one area.

5. Measure doors, entrances and hallways first


Check if furniture will fit through doors and up and around staircases at the new property.

6. Don’t create a floor plan on the fly

Do a floor plan of the new house for furniture placement and measure spaces to ensure furniture will fit, particularly for larger items such as the fridge.

7. Newspaper will mark your crockery


Use white butcher paper for wrapping up items like plates and valuables.

Many people don’t realise newspaper can soils items.

8. Pack & label stoppers separately

When packing decanters, always pack the stopper separately, label it clearly and tape it to the decanter.

Every decanter has a different sized stopper and can be impossible to replace if lost.

9. Get a park in advance

If moving to a built-up area, secure reserved parking for the rental truck in advance, to allow for easy unloading and access.

Fines can be hefty if you park in an unauthorised spot.

10. Pack bed linen separately


Pack sufficient towels, bed linen and pillows separately so that beds can be made up as soon as possible.

11. Do a safety check

At the new property, consider kids’ safety.

Check pool fencing and any garden hazards.

12. Truck Hire Qld can save you money

Consider using Truck Hire Qld. Take advantage of the FREE delivery and FREE pick up service. This will save you time and money. No need to waste time going to collect a truck hire. Our trucks are delivered to your door! When you are finished, we come and collect the truck from you. Making the whole truck hire process simple, easy and very convenient.

Being based in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area we can provide very competitive prices for local, one way and interstate truck hire. Our prices are the best in the business.

We have an unlimited kilometres rate for the long distance journeys. Saving you additional cost while others charge for extra kilometres.

All our trucks can be driven with a car licence. Each rental comes with a trolley, moving blankets and rope, no extra charge. Every truck also has a hydraulic tailgate lifter on the back to save your back. This makes loading the truck quick and easy. The truck has a large 20 cubic carrying capacity ideal for moving a small home.

Our friendly service and very reliable trucks are another reason why more and more customers are renting with Truck Hire Qld.

Call us today for a free quote. Make sure to book in advance to secure your preferred dates for your truck hire.

15 unbelievable driving laws around the world

15 unbelievable driving laws around the world

We’ve found 15 serious, strange and downright silly driving laws, so you don’t get caught out.


1. Breathalyzers (France)

If you’re pottering down to Poitiers, be aware that ‘drivers of all motor vehicles and motorcycles must carry a breathalyzer’. If you don’t show the gendarme your kit when asked, you’ll get an €11 fine.

2. Children (France)

In France, children under 10 are not allowed to travel on the front seat of a vehicle without a special child restraint. The only exception is if the vehicle has no back seats (so they’re ok in your Lotus), no rear seatbelts (isn’t that illegal?) or if the rear seat is already occupied with children under 10 (wearing seatbelts, presumably).

3. Red light rules (USA)

You may curse them when you’re running late, but red lights mean stop. Not stopping could have serious consequences. But in the USA, you can turn right on a red, as long as the road is clear of pedestrians and traffic.

4. Horns (various)

While in some countries constant use of your horn is obligatory (used most effectively in conjunction with colourful language directed at fellow road users), it may surprise you that in many others, including the UK, horns are banned at night or in urban areas.

5. Trams (Norway)

In Norway, trams have right of way. You could try testing this, but it is not advisable.

6. Lights (various)

While leaving your lights on usually means a flat battery, in countries such as Sweden where daylight hours are short in winter, you must leave them on at all times, even on a sunny summer’s day.

drunk woman

7. Alcohol (USA)

In the USA, driving laws vary from state to state. In some it is an offence to keep alcoholic beverages in the ‘cab’ of a car. So if you’re cruising down Skyline Drive, with the wind in your hair and John Denver on the stereo, stick that six-pack of Bud Lights in the boot (which is known as the ‘trunk’ when you’re Stateside).

8. Drinking (Cyprus)

We’re not even talking about alcohol – in Cyprus, just a swig of orange squash at the wheel could land you in trouble. If you’re thirsty, which could be quite often in the Cypriot summer, you must pull over to take fluids on board.

9. Smoking (Greece)

While smoking is banned in works vehicles in the UK, in private it’s ok to tan a packet of Silk Cut between Knutsford and Tebay. But puffing in your car is outlawed in Greece, so if you’re driving from Alexandroupolis to Athens, use a patch, or give up.

hippy hitchhikers

10. Hitchhiking (various)

Hitchhiking holds a certain romance – flinging your backpack into the cab, trucker on the CB, Waylon Jennings on the radio, the Al-Can Highway … but no more. In many countries, including Russia, where it is illegal to stick out a thumb and hold up a cardboard sign, while picking up a hitchhiker is outlawed as well.

11. Dirt (Bulgaria)

While it is a badge of honor to be able to write CLEAN ME on your white van, in Bulgaria this would land you in trouble. A mandatory car wash upon entry into the country quashes potential for amusing messaging. In Costa Rica you have to get your car fumigated before you’re allowed in.

12. Women (Saudi Arabia)

Presumably there is a paucity of jokes about women drivers in Saudi Arabia, where the law forbids any woman to get behind the wheel.

13. Parking (Spain)

In one-way streets in some Spanish cities you can only park on the side of the road where houses have uneven numbers on uneven days of the month, and on the side of even numbers on even days. Got it?!

14. Autobahn (Germany) 

Make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to accommodate your inner speed demon on the world-famous Autobahn. If you run out of gas and have to pull over, you’re breaking the law. It’s illegal to stop unnecessarily on the Autobahn, and running out of fuel is considered unnecessary, since it could have been avoided.

Don’t run out of fuel on the Autobahn... Picture: Thinkstock


15. Drunk driver (Japan)

If you’re sober, why would you ever get in a car that has an intoxicated driver behind the wheel? In Japan, besides risking your life, you’re also risking legal trouble — sober passengers in the car with a drunk driver can be punished under the law.


Are you planning on moving to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Newcastle, Mackay, Adelaide, Canberra or Townsville. We have the BEST truck hire prices in town for your out of town moves!

Not only do we have the Best prices for local and long distance truck hire but we go the extra mile by providing you with:

  • FREE delivery and FREE pick up for your truck hire
  • we have the latest models and very reliable rental trucks
  • UNLIMITED kilometres rates available
  • all trucks have a hydraulic tailgate lifter
  • every truck rental comes with a trolley, moving blankets and rope
  • we provide every customer with excellent service and 110% satisfaction

If you think our one way long distance prices are cheap, ask about our round trip prices. Our round trip truck hire prices are cheaper than you think.

We are based in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area and can provide one way deals to most places in Australia.

Our unlimited kilometre rate will not leave you with any surprises at the end of your truck rental. With our unlimited kilometre rate, you will never be charged for extra kilometres like most truck rental companies like to do.

Our diesel fuel trucks with automatic transmission makes driving these trucks a breeze. Our trucks are the biggest size truck you can drive with a car license. No special license is required.

Give us a call today and see why so many customers trust Truck Hire QLD for their local, long distance, interstate and one way truck hire.

We are changing the way Truck Hire should be.


Merry Christmas from Truck Hire QLD

Merry Christmas from Truck Hire QLD

From all of us at Truck Hire Qld, we like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer during Christmas and throughout the year! We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.

We are still open majority of the time during the holiday season. We take pride in our excellent service and best prices. We like to thank our many customers over the years for making Truck Hire QLD their preferred truck rental company.

We are changing the way truck hire should be.

Truck Hire QLD for all your local, long distance, one way interstate moves. Take advantage of our unlimited kilometre rate for your long distance and interstate moves.

We offer FREE delivery and FREE pick up to your door for all truck rentals, no extra charge. Plus every truck has a hydraulic tailgate lifter on the the back, saving your back.

Just a car licence is required to drive these automatic transmission trucks.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy 2017 from the dedicated team at Truck Hire QLD.